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To the Abortion Survivors Education and Policy Center

Education and Policy Center

Since 2012, The Abortion Survivors Network has been supporting abortion survivors and providing a powerful and important voice as victims of abortion who have lived to share this perspective that’s desperately needed in our society.

In 2019 alone, The Abortion Survivors Network fielded over 30 requests from across the globe for survivor testimonies and data. The Education and Policy Center, as the education and advocacy side of The Abortion Survivors Network, informs and shapes public opinion on pro-life issues and advocates for policies that protect the unborn and survivors of abortion.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that having a survivor’s experience and voice has on policy matters.

We’ve witnessed how the seemingly nameless, faceless victims of abortion are humanized by our stories and our presence in legislative hearings.

We’ve been a part of culture-shifting collaborations with international organizations and politcal leaders including The Susan B. Anthony List, the Pro-Life Caucus, and Faces of Choice, among many others.


Affirming Survivor Impact

Heather Weininger

Executive Director, Wisconsin Right to Life


No one knows better the impact of the pro-life movement than abortion survivors. One of the key ways the pro-life movement educates the public and defends lives not yet born is by passing life-affirming legislation. The Abortion Survivors Network brings credibility to the pro-life movement by putting real people, whose lives have been demonstrably affected by abortion, in front of legislators and their constituents.

Joe Pojman. PH.D

Executive Director, Texas Alliance for Life


Texas Alliance for Life fully endorses The Abortion Survivors Network. We saw first-hand the impact of abortion survivors’ voices on the successful passage of the Texas Born-Alive Infant Protection Act in 2019. Melissa Ohden and other survivors’ help was indispenable.

Survivors connected with The Abortion Survivors Network are frequent guests on media outlets including Fox News, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, Washington Watch with Tonny Perkins, the Sean Hannity show, and more. The Founder and Director of The Abortion Survivors Newtork, Melissa Ohden, MSW, is a frequent expert witness before Congressional committees on pro-life legislation.

The Abortion Survivors Network Education and Policy Center is leading the way at the state, national, and even international level to mobilize the powerful voices of abortion survivors to give a name and a face to the “abstract” issue of abortion.

Every human being is more than a choice, and together, we are raising our collective voices to challenge the culturally accepted belief that abortion is a right, is healthcare, and that what we’ve experienced as survivors is protected by the law.

Are you an abortion survivor? We can help.

The Abortion Survivors Network Education & Policy Center is a non-profit, tax exempt advocacy organization under section 501(c)4 of the IRC. Contributions or gifts to The Education & Policy Center are not tax deductible for IRS purposes, however they may be deductible as trade or business expenses.